​ Now I hate to be the bearer of unsavoury news contrary to what you might think, I do not like these shoes but most of these speakers aim to decieve the truth is the truth, no matter what you believe It doesn’t really matter if you exercise or eat healthy you are a lucky […]

I am Rich

I am rich After the sun sets I retire to my lavish holdings And drink gold in crysolite bottles I recline in lush leather recliners And clink glasses of jasper I live well and I know That I am rich The world cannot get enough of me And I know that I will touch the […]

Call To Arms

He is an angel Who has seen and heard And understood the ways Of his fellow man. He is a celestial being who Has surpassed and grown Past the common Torture of ordinary humanity Understand these words And receive sense The world is not To the strong or meek But to the opportune For with […]

Hoist Me High

Hold me nearer to the sun// Dear humble Dedalus// For my wings are not waxen// So I do not fear his warmth// Hold me where I can see// Her beauty as she smiles// She shames the daisies of the fields// Songstress of the briny blue// Ah, that I may steal one kind glance// Hoist me […]


We found the same Inn that Master had dined in/ Gathered the group and avoided what would be defined sin/ And then we began schemes though we knew we can not win/ But hope is a disease that we would gladly just let in/ We sat for hours, twisting tales as it would suit the […]

His Wait

To this day, I wonder Why did he sit Beneath the serene oak In the crook where he fit Was it the chirps Of the birds flying by Or the psychedelic dance Of the sun’s rays in the sky He would sit and stare upon The little dirt road into down Never flinching or stirring […]