Just thoughts

I honestly think drama is unnecessary.
What I mean is this, where something is not overtly important, let it be. But where it is, it is wise, nay, important that we do not miss a step in pursuance of it. We have been imbued with an overwhelming capacity for stupidity which was reformed and termed “love”. And only the human mind can invent something as banal  and insipid as love, which is why it works for us.
This is the basis for my rhetoric: I love a person, who does not love me back and instead of replying in like terms, I cannot stop loving the person. How is that for a metaphysical paradox? This makes us wrestle with how we feel and what we know. This tourney gets so aggravated that it leads to conflict and we develop two personas that have totally divergent views on the matter… two sovereigns living under one roof… one has to die.
As a human, you have to, occassionally, put to death some parts of us in order to let another live, so we kill the love and let the ego win.
Works for us.
Works for me.
Murder uninhibited, and no one is the wiser.
Greetings from the Rhetor


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