Treatise on Idiocy

Many people have misguided views on stupidity and idiocy. Most people do not understand what being an idiot really is, and as such, they think it is an easy feat to pull off. They may also believe that being an idiot requires no practice and as such, it is inborn. This last conjecture is true to some extent, as I must admit, but recent studies have revealed that for one to hone the fine skill of stupidity to sheer perfection, more than just inborn gifts is needed.
I must pay my respect to the author of “Bubba’s Laws of Intelligence” as it is the base inspiration for this work. I have borrowed from the premises of that well read scholar and I have agreed with his reasoning and thusly, I have come up with this treatise.
According to the scholar, he believes that stupidity is conserved, conductible and as such, it is latent, yet transferrable from one person to another. This latent stupidity can be increased, decreased, changed or morphed into any form, but just like Einstein propounded about matter, stupidity cannot be destroyed. It will still exist, no matter what is done to undermine it, expel it, eliminate it or consume it. It will still be there.
Talking about the transfer of stupidity from one body to another brings me to the topic for the evening. Idiocy.
Idiocy has been defined as the transfer of stupidity from one body to another, either through a permeable membrane, of a clear medium. I would prefer to represent this with the equation:
Where Ᵽ equals the basic stupidity of the human, µ equals the influx or outflow of stupidity, c equals the constant of surroundings and ᾳ equals the increase in age and with it, the mounting affinity for crystallized stupidity. From this theorem, it is clear that the basic stupidity of the human being with an introduction of stupidity through the medium of idiocy has little or no variation from the constant material for stupidity that the environment provides and the crystallization of stupidity with age.
Now, transfer of stupidity (idiocy), can occur in various ways. One of the most prevalent is the Internet. The internet is the greatest transmitter of stupid information, and now, with easy access to it, we have a tsunami of information pillaging our senses. Thus, if the time variance is the only variable in the equation and we have a steady flow of symmetrical information, all test subjects will record positive on the counter.
Another medium of transfer is human interaction. Even though human interaction can still occur over the internet and social media, we still have a magnetic attraction towards other people with the same physically stupid traits as we do. The space time continuum of equilibrist stupidity will apply here, proving that where two humans with varying levels of stupidity engage in an intercourse of scientific stupidity, the latency of the stupidity is banished and the apparent viscosity of the human mind is reduced, thereby promoting an uninhibited communion of idiocy.
There are many other methods of transfer, such as social media, sport, etc., but these two that have been explained should suffice for the time being.
Now, this brings us to the concept of entropy. Entropy is the inverse relationship between the stupidity of a being and its diminishing intelligence. According to the author previously cited, the entropy of a system in an intellectual equilibrium is zero, as the intellect approached zero. This is where the social media would come into play, as it has been posited that the only deciding factor where the entropy of the system reaches zero is the number of Facebook friends it has. The latency of the equilibrist state is destroyed by the interactions the system has with the outside world, and as such, compare this to dye at the bottom of clear water, undisturbed. If shaken, well, you know the rest.
In conclusion, still on the matter of entropy, some systems have shown a profound ability to refuse the theorem posited by me and have seemingly become smarter than the average stupid person. This is rather unfortunate, for due to the concept of entropy, the wisdom or smartness they portray, does not affect they themselves but goes on a much wider scale. This is so because nature must have her way. Their smartness has found a way of telling on the rest of the populace and as such, for every smart person, a million stupid ones were born.
Thank you very much for reading.


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