Smug Convict


A man was ordered to be killed
For several sins he did commit
His fate, it seemed was sealed
He was clothed in captive habit

The appointed morn had dawned
The crowd was thirsty for blood
Before the Prince, and the Priest
Before the hungry blade and God

The Priest prayed and asked him to tell
The Prince his dying wish
He asked for one last mug of ale
He was thirsty for one last swish

The brew was brought to him
But his hands were shaky with fear
More than once the brew spilled from the brim
His eyes were white with care

Down came the Prince from his seat
And said in a lofty way
No man shall behead this unfortunate beast
Until he drinks the last drop of ale

The man on hearing these words
Saw a kind opportunity
To dodge the vengeance of the sword
And escape and go scot free

He emptied the contents of his mug
Onto the hard baked earth
And sat with a smile as smug
As one who had escaped death

The Prince conferred with a few wise men
And saw that the man was free
From death of such unfriendly mien
Instead, they hung him from a tree

– brunus


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