The Heart Stealer


Weird the way a hello text
Can dash you into the next
Gushing Rapids and waterfalls
No safety nets or padded walls

Padded walls because I’m obsessed
With this face, it is impressed
Upon me to not stop dreaming
Of those eyes that seem like gleaming

It was just a few meetings
But I can’t forget your dainty mittens
When I held them and stared down
In the wells of this diamond I had found

I may not hold down a conversation
Beyond the basic confabulations
Chit chatter and my heart is racing
For your laugh is like a rain of raisins

What would I not give to be who
Made the music that you’d dance to
Hold your slender waist and kiss you
Knowing that all this is true

But if I must be away, it’s fair
But I will always miss your shy stare
And the smile when your face lights up
That is one of my thoughts when I wake up

-brunus 1-1-2016


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