What Should You Do

The crown was set upon his head
But he did not what a king was meant
He went down to the fields instead
Of ruling from the castlements

He was a hunter deep in his heart
And longed to pull the bow and trap
Famed across the land for his art
For he was a cheery popular chap

For many a moon he left undone
The matters of state and pageantry
Until the hallowed walls of stone
Toned no more of his excellency

The matters of state fell to decay
And foes rose within his kingdom
It was too late when it got to the day
He returned from the fields therefrom

The Knights and advisers conspired
And took from him the throne
And his own son whom he had sired
Banished him from his home

Away he went to a foreign land
And lived off his brave arrow
And built a home and had a wife
And soon forgot that sorrow

The kind years came and passed
Then his home had grown quite large
Cast his eyes over the Gulf pass
And lo, he saw a barge

It bore the standards and the sails
Of the home he left behind
On deck were some of the very quails
Who drove him off his lands

They came ashore and begged him
To forgive and come back home
His son was now a merciless king
And his people were now alone

No allies to come to their aid
Against the spite of their king
No rallying cries were heard or made
But they knew that his would ring

He called them in, into his home
And fed them bread and mead
They spoke deep into night alone
About this dangerous deed

In the morrow, they left for their lands
With a message from their liege
That he would stand upon their sands
When they build a stronger bridge

They did not understand his speech
But went home nonetheless
He had judged their words each
And his words felt like balm

He stayed with his family though
And lived out the rest of his days
The other king was finally overthrown
And the next king avoided his ways

Forgiveness is not a positive act
But a neutral calming ground
For when your joy is not a fact
Your future will not be found

What would you do, if it was you
That suffered unjustly
What should you do, if it was you
I wonder if it was me



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