We found the same Inn that Master had dined in/
Gathered the group and avoided what would be defined sin/
And then we began schemes though we knew we can not win/
But hope is a disease that we would gladly just let in/

We sat for hours, twisting tales as it would suit the cause/
And in walked a legionnaire which immediately swayed our course/
He spotted the gathering and immediately noticed our pause/
Looked like he would arrest us, but we had not broken their laws/

He offered and I let him sit and eat with us/
I could tell by the handshake that he was illiminatus/
We sat into the night picking our brains with asparagus/
Till one of the group said “Brunus, you know way more than us”/

I nodded, for I had been assaulted by knowledge last night/
My words came to life and tried to murder me last night/
I survived the battle but I knew I had lost the fight/
So I let go of my doubts and walked straight into the light/


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