Call To Arms


He is an angel
Who has seen and heard
And understood the ways
Of his fellow man.
He is a celestial being who
Has surpassed and grown
Past the common
Torture of ordinary humanity
Understand these words
And receive sense

The world is not
To the strong or meek
But to the opportune
For with the right blow
A lucky stone
May murder a giant.
You may not
Be the glistening soul
Or the epitome of beauty
But in its right time
Chance will come to you.
Await it with
A thirsty cudgel
And beat it down
That it may never
Leave you again.

The stupid are by far
More plentiful than the wise
But this is good
For by sheer numbers
Wisdom denigrates to foolishness
What makes it so precious
But its scarcity?
What makes it
So beautiful
But its distance?
Why do we cherish it so
But that we do not have it?
Therefore, the stupid
Welcome the sagacious
And the meticulous
For in them lies
The salvation
Of the homo sapiens

It is a beautiful place
I have seen
And I call it my mind
An uncultured place
Of thorns and thistles
And tombs of many thoughts
It is a beautiful place
That I found
Where the sidewalks
Glitter with brilliance
But the sun is without
Aye, it is beauty indeed
And it shall consume me
And I will thence from here
Fare ye well
I bid you grace
When I am without
I will go into that prison
And bask in my sloth

The kiln is not kindled
For items of plastic
The furnace is not bred
For articles are mere slag
Waste not effort
On mindless pursuits
Burn not the wick
For trivial drivel
It is barely cause enough
For here lies the hero
Who fought well
In a war he was
Not a part of
Here lies the charlatan
Who told his last lie
And one more

If my ear is keen
Then I will hear
If my legs are strong
Then I will run
If my heart is brave
Then I will fight
But if my mind is sharp
Then I will live
Nothing is brought
By the magic of kindness
But calculation
And shrewd dealing
Bringeth a man wealth
The lark will sing
And the lyre will play
And the shrewd
Will inherit the earth



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