I am Rich

I am rich
After the sun sets
I retire to my lavish holdings
And drink gold in crysolite bottles
I recline in lush leather recliners
And clink glasses of jasper
I live well and I know
That I am rich

The world cannot get enough of me
And I know that I will touch the sun
Before I die
But I pray that I can redeem my soul
Before I die
I am rich knowing
That no matter how much I spend
There is more to be made
I sell my time to the four armed beast
With coins for teeth
And dollar bills for Rasta dreads
But I am rich

Financial fine ass
Drowning in molten gold
And sucking in priceless jewels
Everyday because my greed
Will never be satiated
Even by the pot of gold
Of the famed leprechaun
For as soon as it is gained
My riches are lost
Fed to the maw of leviathan
That eats up the proceeds
Of my nine to five
But I am rich

I will be rich
When I lie in that bed
Gazing upon my vast empire
Smiling at its inability
To redeem my soul
I will close my eyes
Hoping that rigor mortis will pull
My face into a quiet smile
Because I died happy knowing
That I am rich


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