I Know Everything

‚ÄčI know everything

I know how the world was formed

I know the evidence

I know how they all fit in

To form the elements

I know how life was conceived

Propagated till it was believed

Passed on in large tomes

With lengthy descriptions of dead bones

I know how evolution behaves

And what the religious book says

I know they all bear the same tales

Regaling us in epic stories

I know they are rebooted

To redeem nascent incongruencies

I know how I am made up

I know my components

I know my insides or what they’d look like

If one should open it

I know how I should procreate

And I know why I cannot bear anything

Other than another human being

I know everything

I know how fast light flies

I know time doesn’t

I know the mathematical equations

To discover Kelvin’s constant

I know pi to a thousand places

I can calculate it

I know Pythagoras’s theorems

I can calculate it

I know the circumference of a circle

I can calculate it

I know the distance of the sun from us

I can calculate it

I know the weight of the earth

And her speed

As she hurtles through the blackness

I know how she bleeds

I know how fast she is dying

And how yet she can live

I know every human is trying

To kill her so they can live

I know this because she said in a dream

When I die, I’m taking you all with me

I know everything

I know how society breeds

I know how it feeds

I know how it needs

To milk off the glory of men’s deeds

I know how the next man fits

In society’s seats

How he eats or drinks

Is influenced by how he acts or thinks

I know how to react

To a friendly how-do-you-do

To a pat on the back

Or even a hostile shove too

I know who my allies are

Who to shun

And who to shoot

When it is my turn to point the gun

I know everything

I know the law

And I know its not a friend

For it will be as hostile

When it catches you on the other end

I know the law

And the books that created it

I know the craftiness

That those balding men put into it

I know it is not an excuse

To be ignorant of the law

I know where the law has

It’s most crippling flaw

I know why people subscribe

And bow down to those words

I know why the stronger man

Didn’t run the other through with his sword

I know everything

I know why religion is a hit

I know

I know that I can only reap just the thing

I sow

I know what the books say

Of condemnation and death

I also know what they preach

Of salvation of the earth

I know why there is no peace

In a religious world

I know why the sons and daughters choose

To abandon the gods

I know where the secret lies

I know all the secret lies

I know where it lies secret

But I will never reveal it

I know everything

I know what will happen

Just a few years hence

I know why currency will be abolished

Even the dollars and pence

I know why the economies

Will melt into a bowl

I know why humans will not hesitate

To sell their souls

Sell souls for gold

And sell futures for silver

I know the siren will sing

But no wise man will believe her

I know you are in control

I know you’re not in control

I know you will never have control

Until you get rid of your soul

I know where the banks

Will go with these souls

These enslaved merchants

And their coin filled bowls

I know where they will pour

Their burdensome wealth

In payment to die

On a warm hearth

I know everything

I know why you and me

Are so different and alike

I know why we bleed red

When pierced with a spike

I know where our consciences

Wave and part ways

I know when we will never listen

To what the other says

I know where we are divided

To never be joined again

I know heaven is not for the righteous

But for the savages and the heathen

I know there is not salvation

Under the preacher’s steeple

I know there is no redemption

When we are all different people

I know everything

I know why the black man gets shot

Why you can go someplace and the other man cannot

I know why power is tipped

In favour of some individuals

I know why they seem privileged

Or better than other humans

I know why elections and votes

Will never matter

No matter how many people you rally

On that matter

I know why the government

Is a select group

And why there has never been a successful coup

I know why you are allowed to be armed

Indeed I do

And I know why you wouldn’t need an excuse

To shoot me too

I know why you fight

To keep your firearm

But what use is a firearm

Without an arm?

I know everything

I know this, I know that I know every single bit

I know brevity is the soul of wit

I know that you do know

That I don’t really know shit