Now I hate to be the bearer of unsavoury news

contrary to what you might think, I do not like these shoes

but most of these speakers aim to decieve

the truth is the truth, no matter what you believe

It doesn’t really matter if you exercise or eat healthy

you are a lucky person if you make it to eighty

nothing can make you live longer than you can

it is what it is and you are just human

Eat bark if you want to, or drink piss if you dare

The world will go on… it just does not care

No sort of motivation will lift you beyond you

So enjoy your days for they are so few

Prince or pauper, beggar or bourgeois

you have a date with the smiling Grim Reaper

it is what it is and this is our fate

so make the best of these days while you wait

Never listen to any of these mountebanks

who claim to have the Host of Heaven in their ranks

Never wish upon prayers or dwell on the past

When the sun is up, make hay and act fast

Yet know there is an end as sure as the sun

It was marked on your person the day you were born

Be kind to the needy, make friends with the rich

but don’t play fair… deal shrewdly with each

Prepare for rainy days… plan for dark nights

No warrior is remembered for how fair he fights

Keep pushing your boundaries… keep trying your luck

Always know why the last attempt did not work

You can’t avoid danger, however hard you try

No matter your actions, you’re still gonna die

So use your life, savour every breath

At least you will be smiling when you meet your death