A Celebration

It is an accusation that I suffer

That I have one true and honest lover

One person I hold above any other

One person I can eternally smother

We spend the days in our company

Not caring that everyone else is so many

The nights under the stars are prettier

When I am in the company of my comforter

It matters little what you people think

Or whether the relationship floats or sinks

But we are in it for the long haul

Renewed from every fall to fall

Who is more awesome, I ask those who bother

Who is it that knows me better

Who has been here since day one

Who else is this much fun?

Who has my back when things turn

Or flees with me when our plans burn?

I mean, sure it is great to be loyal

But what we share is something special

So I raise my glass, to this unusual toast

And after hours of shameless rant and boast

They ask me why it’s only my photo on the shelf

I reply “God damn! I love myself”