The Sage in a Rage

I awake…I am in a rage… I have to do damage to demonstrate my rage. It’s funny to see at my age. A sage in a rage doing damage at an old age. I see you laugh at my fits of rage that arises to a stage that I must give birth to a page that points out the system of my rage.
I wake in a rage in my cage with people from my village coming around…smiling,pointing and laughing at the sage,in a cage,in a rage. My age gives of the power to pillage and destroy and wage war against the village. Do damage,throw down and cause haemorrage.
I scream at the top of my voice,calling to the feet of the earth to come and like the Rhino,stamp out the flames of my rage.
At this stage,my cage bears such marks of my rage that the people of my village cannot believe that the sage at this age can wage war and cause so much damage to his cage on a page but this cage cannot hold this sage down so the damage and carnage will never cease because the chains can never hold down this sage in a rage.
Come and see the sage’s cage where he did wage war on the forces of bondage and came out victorious. A wonder to this age.
I had to paint my image as a sage to alienate me from the scrummage in my lineage. To encourage me not to look like the average garbage or the spillage from rubbery leakage.
In those moments of rage,I held you hostage to my advantage,leaving you wondering:WHAT IS THE LINKAGE BETWEEN THIS SAGE AND THE GODLY HERITAGE?
Sipping mugs of alcoholic beverage or eating plates of raw cabbage will not give you the leverage you need to understand my language.
I know you have tried to guage me by different means of espionage,but my hermitage is duly concealed by herbage and green lush foliage.
These days, I am a mirage. A wandering image that thrives off your shortage of knowledge and perhaps ample storage of ignorance… I will sabotage your mortgage,swapping you,leaving you in my cage,and covering you in my page.
This is the image of a sage in a rage,who will not be stopped or distracted by cleavage or bondage. Any attempt at the stoppage of my colossal image will erupt in a disabling display of my volcanic rage.


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