Hoist Me High

Hold me nearer to the sun//
Dear humble Dedalus//
For my wings are not waxen//
So I do not fear his warmth//

Hold me where I can see//
Her beauty as she smiles//
She shames the daisies of the fields//
Songstress of the briny blue//

Ah, that I may steal one kind glance//
Hoist me above your head//
Dear Dedalus, nearer her beauty//
For my wings are not waxen//





Here’s to those who wish us well
And those who don’t can go to hell

From across the hall we smile
Decked in jewelry and wine in hand
Grinning through ivory teeth all the while
With eyes as warm as desert sand
The cheer is true, I presume
And we love the music of our boasts
So with a clink, let revelry resume
But first, let me propose this toast

Here is to those who wish us well
And those who don’t can go to hell

Raise those glasses high as us
Out with hate and pour love in
For the foe we lose is not a loss
Drown in beer and dance in sin
For we survived amidst the strife
The hurt and slaying and blood and gore
And even a separation from a snivelling wife
And we are happy for ever more

Here is to those who wish us well
And those who don’t… well, bloody hell

The hell with those who wish us ill
I curse their souls with a thousand hexes
I seek just peace and quiet and chill
But this seems to make others vex
To hell with their fake smiles and dopey grins
And false sincerities and cloaked swords
And slopey shoulders and slobbering chins
They try to hide this in flowery words
But I see this, oh, yes I do
They act like they care and I accept the cabaret
But when the cake is baked for who
It may fall, it won’t matter what I said
So raise your glasses, my false friends
Till the stench of the wine reaches the coast
Smile and wish me well till the world ends
And drink to this now famous toast

This is to those who wish Browne well
And those who don’t can go to hell


We found the same Inn that Master had dined in/
Gathered the group and avoided what would be defined sin/
And then we began schemes though we knew we can not win/
But hope is a disease that we would gladly just let in/

We sat for hours, twisting tales as it would suit the cause/
And in walked a legionnaire which immediately swayed our course/
He spotted the gathering and immediately noticed our pause/
Looked like he would arrest us, but we had not broken their laws/

He offered and I let him sit and eat with us/
I could tell by the handshake that he was illiminatus/
We sat into the night picking our brains with asparagus/
Till one of the group said “Brunus, you know way more than us”/

I nodded, for I had been assaulted by knowledge last night/
My words came to life and tried to murder me last night/
I survived the battle but I knew I had lost the fight/
So I let go of my doubts and walked straight into the light/

His Wait

To this day, I wonder
Why did he sit
Beneath the serene oak
In the crook where he fit

Was it the chirps
Of the birds flying by
Or the psychedelic dance
Of the sun’s rays in the sky

He would sit and stare upon
The little dirt road into down
Never flinching or stirring
Till the sun goes down

Then he would go home
Or so it seems
And get down on his knees
And pray to see her in his dreams


Sic Habebis Gloriam Totius Mundi

In the words of the thrice great
As above, so below, and vice versa
For before the great white gate
For our deeds we must answer

The earth is delivered into one hand
And seekers must pay homage
The power that inhabits all lands
And lives from age to age

He who seeks glory must pay the price
And the cost of avarice is immense
For the sum shall never suffice
No matter the morals we fence

The world’s glories belong to a few
A scarce and handpicked chosen
No more different than you or me
But they have purpose and reason

Thusly shall you gain the glory of the world
If you kindly so desire
Go seek knowledge from he who was hurled
Go learn from the ancient liar

The Spirit Mantra

For the spirit that dances
In the everlasting ashes
Heed, my friend, heed

I have cast a flame
Among mankind
And Lo, I am guarding it
Until it blazes
I watch it keenly
With sleepless eyes
Until it rise
And consumes us all
I have sent a fire
And I watch it die
For he who finds life
Has found a dying thing
Look upon the undying
And witness the brazen
Bravery that they display
Riding eternal
On the chrome ships of Fenrir
Riding eternal
Shiny and chrome
On the kind warboats to Valhalla
Bear me thence
On saddle and strife
For only battle
Can make a true combat soldier

I have sat in the gatherings
Of men like myself
I have sat among my fellows
And listened to them speak
I have endured their lectures
And found them drunken
I have sat in the gatherings
Of men like myself
Speech and flowery oratory
and prose and handsome rhyme
I have heard them speak
Yet I find them drunken
Drunken of the wine
Of the harlot
Of yore
Drunken of the sorrow
Of the dying dragon
In the castle of greed
And kingly avarice
Drunken of self righteousness
And rigorous selfishness
While the essence begs
For another chance at eminence
Yet I find their company drunken
I have sat in their war rooms
Where they sponsor wanton murder
Heaps and heaps of dead flesh
Carrion for the ravens’ brood
I analysed the belligerents
And saw God on both sides
I sat among their elite
The thinkers of the time
Who made music with ideas
And made song with reason
I perused their rhetoric
And I found them drunken

A man does this
And gains illumination
A man does this
And becomes an angel
A man walks forth
Stretches his hand
And kisses the sun
With an obelisk
Stabbing his heart
Smiling at the sun
Through burned eyes
A man does this
And becomes an angel
A man breaks
A vow that he swore
Never to make
Yet in his soul
He feels bereft
Of God’s attention
Kissed by the teeth
Of venomous reptile
He lies
And becomes an angel
A man does this
And lives forever

Let not your heart be swayed
Like the palm
In the breeze
For it is the sway
That breaks the bough
The strongest oak
Learns to bend
Bend only so far
Then pushes back
Let not your heart be troubled
For it is the trouble
That kills the faint of heart
So wear the mask
Of feigned righteousness
And seeming calm
Wear the cloak
Of serene quietus
And beckon
The apparitions that calm
The bellows of the sea
And therein find
Your inner chill

The earth belongs
To everything that is in it
Including the evil spirits
And the media they inhabit
Including the silky tongue
Of the most inscrutable vermin
The earth belongs
To them all
The earth is kind
To beast and man
And she bears this burden
Without so much as a grunt

Lo, I have cast a fire
Among mankind
And I watch it
Until it blazes
and consumes us all
for he who has found life
Has found a dying thing

Piping Bunny


I was shocked as well to see that we
The pinnacle of society
Were all at the beck and whim
Of one piping bunny

I crawled into his grandiose burrow
And was welcomed with a hum
Hot and fresh or aged for tomorrow
How do you like your rum?

I said I do not drink at all
He scoffed and said “you do”
What matters if the alcohol
Was sugar for a day or two?

We spoke for many hours on end
Until he said, Macbrowne
It was nice to meet a friend
Who comes from out of town

But now your phone will ring, awake,
I know how this will seem
It will seem ludicrous and fake
For you are in a dream

-brunus 7-11-2016

What Should You Do

The crown was set upon his head
But he did not what a king was meant
He went down to the fields instead
Of ruling from the castlements

He was a hunter deep in his heart
And longed to pull the bow and trap
Famed across the land for his art
For he was a cheery popular chap

For many a moon he left undone
The matters of state and pageantry
Until the hallowed walls of stone
Toned no more of his excellency

The matters of state fell to decay
And foes rose within his kingdom
It was too late when it got to the day
He returned from the fields therefrom

The Knights and advisers conspired
And took from him the throne
And his own son whom he had sired
Banished him from his home

Away he went to a foreign land
And lived off his brave arrow
And built a home and had a wife
And soon forgot that sorrow

The kind years came and passed
Then his home had grown quite large
Cast his eyes over the Gulf pass
And lo, he saw a barge

It bore the standards and the sails
Of the home he left behind
On deck were some of the very quails
Who drove him off his lands

They came ashore and begged him
To forgive and come back home
His son was now a merciless king
And his people were now alone

No allies to come to their aid
Against the spite of their king
No rallying cries were heard or made
But they knew that his would ring

He called them in, into his home
And fed them bread and mead
They spoke deep into night alone
About this dangerous deed

In the morrow, they left for their lands
With a message from their liege
That he would stand upon their sands
When they build a stronger bridge

They did not understand his speech
But went home nonetheless
He had judged their words each
And his words felt like balm

He stayed with his family though
And lived out the rest of his days
The other king was finally overthrown
And the next king avoided his ways

Forgiveness is not a positive act
But a neutral calming ground
For when your joy is not a fact
Your future will not be found

What would you do, if it was you
That suffered unjustly
What should you do, if it was you
I wonder if it was me


The Heart Stealer


Weird the way a hello text
Can dash you into the next
Gushing Rapids and waterfalls
No safety nets or padded walls

Padded walls because I’m obsessed
With this face, it is impressed
Upon me to not stop dreaming
Of those eyes that seem like gleaming

It was just a few meetings
But I can’t forget your dainty mittens
When I held them and stared down
In the wells of this diamond I had found

I may not hold down a conversation
Beyond the basic confabulations
Chit chatter and my heart is racing
For your laugh is like a rain of raisins

What would I not give to be who
Made the music that you’d dance to
Hold your slender waist and kiss you
Knowing that all this is true

But if I must be away, it’s fair
But I will always miss your shy stare
And the smile when your face lights up
That is one of my thoughts when I wake up

-brunus 1-1-2016