The Lion Ate The Pig

Once I was a young zookeeper

I was then of smaller age

I was to feed and care for the beasts

And clean each and every cage

It was fine work for any person

If he did not mind the smell

For they pay was quite good

And the animals were cute as hell

One day, I made a decision

To clean out the lions’ den

So I sent them off to romp

In a close adjoining pen

I did not know that Bartholomew

Our portly friendly pig

Had been dancing in that same pen

And the lions ate the pig

All I saw was a tinge of red

And those huge and guilty eyes

Methinks they were already halfway through

Ere they knew he was not some well fed prize

So I called my supervisor

A fat bald man with a blonde wig

And I said as meekly as I could

Sir, the lions ate the pig